What to Expect: Card(s) Expiring Soon

What to Expect: Card(s) Expiring Soon

Read on to review frequently asked questions (and their answers) and quick instructions on getting your card up & running.

When does my card expire? Your old card will work through the end of the month it expires or until you activate your new card. 

When should I expect my new card? Towards the middle of the month when your old card expires. If you haven’t received your new card by the month’s end, notify us immediately at 417-887-1983.

What do I do with my old card? Destroy it. This is something you can do on your own, or we’re happy to help. If you drop your old card by one of our locations, we’ll be sure to get rid of it safely.

What else should I be thinking about? Get ready to shift fully over to your new card at the end of the month.

  • Get your new card in your physical wallet.
  • Update your autopays:
    • Subscriptions, like Netflix ®
    • Bills, like your utility bill
    • Places you frequently shop online, like Amazon®
  • Add your card to your mobile wallet.
    • Did you know? All BluCurrent Cards are now available via your choice of mobile wallet!


Once you’ve received your new card(s), follow these steps to get your new card(s) up & running:

1.) Sign the back of your card immediately. This is an important security measure & first step.

2.) Activate your card by calling 800-631-3197. If you run into issues while activating your card, it's likely because your contact information is not up-to-date.  We're happy to help get your info updated & your card activated. Give us a call at 417-887-1983 during business hours.

3.) Make sure you’re up-to-date. Don’t forget to update any recurring payments you have setup. You’ll need to provide updated card information to any merchants or businesses you’re currently making payments with using your pre-existing card. This includes updating your mobile wallet, as well.

4.) Get set up. If you haven’t already, start banking on-the-go with our free mobile app (featuring mobile deposit) and online banking. Benefits include: easy account monitoring, access to BillPay, direct deposit, external transfers, and more.


Have additional questions? Contact our Cards Team at 417-887-1983 or cards@blucurrent.org. Read more about our debit card and credit card offerings on our site.

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