3 Reasons to Keep Your Contact Information Updated

3 Reasons to Keep Your Contact Information Updated

At BluCurrent we strive to do everything possible to keep your account safe & secure. Among the most important is the preventative measures taken. Read on to learn about some of those preventative measures and the top three reasons to keep your information up to date.


Fighting Fraud

As mentioned above, we believe the preventative measures we have in place are the biggest key to keeping your account safe. If we detect unusual behavior on your account, it’s important that we contact you immediately in an effort to get ahead of the fraud. Whether is it verifying transactions via text or email or calling to ensure you have the newest card in hand, accurate contact information allows us to reach you when it matters most.


Securing Your Account

Fighting fraud isn’t the only reason to keep your account information updated. Accurate contact information is vital to keeping your account secure during the verification process when you call or stop by a branch.


Receiving Critical Communication

We do our best to keep you informed. Whether is it temporary changes to branch access or informing you of special events, we want to ensure we are delivering the information to the correct place. If we have outdated contact information, it’s possible you’ll miss out on these important pieces of communication.


There are several ways to update your contact information with us. Get started with this helpful guide. If you are not sure if your information is up to date, feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to take a look and get you updated.

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