Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Did you know? BluCurrent is a not-for-profit organization owned by its members. Our members have the opportunity to volunteer their time to serve as leaders for the credit union.

There are three ways to serve:

  1. Board of Director (elected position with voting rights, focus on strategic direction)
  2. Supervisory Committee Member (fiduciary oversight)
  3. Associate Board of Director (training role with no voting rights)


We are currently looking for Associates! If you have a strong passion for BluCurrent and would like to share your business, leadership and management skills, you should consider serving as an Associate. To apply to serve as an Associate Board of Director, please email our president, Craig Tabor, at  


What is an Associate Board of Director?

An Associate is a volunteer who serves alongside the Board of Directors and/or Supervisory Committee. These are non-voting members who are “in training” to serve as an elected member to the Board of Directors and/or Supervisory Committee when called upon. Associates serve without pay.

There is no guarantee that Associates will become regular members of the Board and/or Supervisory Committee. They will, however, be eligible to serve as regular members of the Board if all requirements are met and are elected at a regular election of the members or appointed to fill a Board vacancy and/or Supervisory Committee position.


Expectations of Associate Board of Directors

  • Attend and participate in Board and/or Committee meetings.
  • Fulfill committee obligations; and always maintain and adhere with the same confidentiality standards as elected Board members.
  • Maintain the same educational and training requirements as a Board member.
  • At the time of appointment, or within a reasonable time thereafter, not to exceed one year, Associates will have at least a working knowledge with basic finance and accounting practices, including the ability to read and understand the Credit Union’s balance sheet and income statements and ask appropriate, substantive questions of management and internal and external auditors.


Time Commitment

Board meetings are held once a month and typically last 2-3 hours. Beyond the monthly board meeting, you'll have the opportunity to attend various trainings and educational programs throughout the year to keep you up-to-date on industry trends and procedures. Additional opportunities to attend conferences and seminars are occasionally available.


Serving on the BluCurrent Board of Directors is a highly rewarding experience. Serve with us as we move forward together.

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