Card Controls: Turning Your Card On or Off

Card Controls: Turning Your Card On or Off

Did you know? You can turn your BluCurrent credit, debit, or ATM card on & off directly within online & mobile banking! This is just one of many convenient services offered when you bank at BluCurrent Credit Union.

We all know that momentary panic when you can’t find your wallet, or you look in your wallet and notice a missing card. You might have an idea of where the missing wallet or card is, but don’t want to risk someone finding it before you do. Never fear, BluCurrent card controls are here!


What are card controls?

Card controls give cardholders the ability to temporarily “lock” or “unlock” their card. This gives you peace of mind in the event your card is misplaced.


What are the benefits of card controls?

In addition to the peace-of-mind of quickly blocking purchases when a card is misplaced, card controls can save you both time and money by not having to wait on an unnecessary card reorder.

Card controls also provide the ability to block international in-store transactions, set geographical region limits on in-store purchases, limit purchases by merchant category, control transactions by type, and place spending limits. These additional card control settings can be set to add a security layer to protect the card from fraud or to ensure you are keeping spending within budget.


How do card controls work?

Locking your card (in other words, turning it “off”), instantly blocks new purchases and cash advances, while allowing recurring transactions, payments, balance transfers and credits to continue without disruption. Once your card is found, you can conveniently unlock it (or turn it back “on”).


How do I access BluCurrent card controls?

  1. Log into your BluCurrent Online or Mobile Banking
  2. Navigate to the account type the card is attached to. For an ATM/Debit card you will select the primary shares or checking. For credit cards, you will select the credit card account.
  3. Select the Card Controls tab, then choose the desired card. Note: If it’s your first-time accessing card controls, you will have to register to begin using card controls. Select the Register button to get started.

Be mindful that if you use card controls to turn your card off, the credit union does not have the ability to turn it on for you. You will have to turn it back on yourself.


What if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, please let us know immediately.

The most convenient way to report a lost or stolen card is through online or mobile banking. To file a lost or stolen report, log into your BluCurrent Online or Mobile Banking and navigate to the account type the card is attached to. Select on the ellipses (three dots in the upper right-hand corner) and choose Report Card Lost/Stolen. By doing this, you completely shut down your card, and a new card will be ordered.

You may also call us at to report your card as lost or stolen. During business hours, please call (417) 887-1983. To report your card lost or stolen after hours, please call our after-hours card center at (417) 887-1983 x3.


To learn more about the benefits of banking at BluCurrent, or to open an account, please explore our website or contact us

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