How to Choose a Credit Union

How to Choose a Credit Union

Joining a credit union might be the perfect way for you to accomplish a number of financial goals. You could create checking and savings accounts, acquire a credit card, receive financial counseling, and even get a mortgage or auto loan. However, it's crucial that you find the right credit union for you. Customer service, location, technology, and financial services should all factor into your decision. If you're ready to get started, scroll down to learn how to choose a credit union.

How to Choose a Credit Union


Even if a particular credit union is known to be friendly and helpful, it won't be of any use to you if it isn't located nearby. So first, research your options. What credit unions are located in your area? Depending on the size of your city, there could be one, two, or over twenty! Then, figure out which credit union's branches have the most convenient locations. If possible, try to find a credit union with a branch located near your home or workplace. 


If you're looking for a credit union, I think it's safe to assume that you need the credit union for one or more financial reasons. Do you need to open a checking or savings account? Do you want to get your first credit card? Do you need a home loan? First, be sure that your preferred credit union offers all of the services you need now and expect to need in the future. Then, delve into the details of those financial services. Do they offer low interest rates? What are their loan options? Do they provide financial counseling and helpful resources? If their financial services are not up to par, find another credit union.


America's love of technology is not a passing fad. If you're like most people, you frequently send and receive e-mails, access the Internet on your phone, and would like to complete banking tasks on the run (like checking your account balance or making transfers). So, look for a credit union that is up-to-date technologically. They should offer mobile banking, have a detailed website, and constantly evolve to accommodate new technology.


Finally, it should be a pleasure to talk to the employees at your chosen credit union. Whether you're depositing a check, opening a new account, or curious about your loan options, you should feel welcomed and appreciated. Most importantly, you should feel confident that this organization is able to handle your money. Be sure to stop by the credit union yourself and ask some questions before you commit to anything, but also consider asking friends and family members for their recommendations. If you're willing to listen, I'm sure you know someone who wants to rant or rave about his or her credit union.  

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