How to Join a Credit Union

How to Join a Credit Union

Credit unions offer the same financial services and products as banks, but because they are not-for-profit organizations, they're focused on giving their members excellent services, great rates, and low fees. Although different credit unions have different eligibility requirements, you can almost certainly find a credit union in your community to join. And as long as you're eligible, the process of joining a credit union is quick and simple. Would you like to learn how to join a credit union? Follow these four simple steps . . .

How to Join a Credit Union

1. Search for local credit unions. To find credit unions in your area, perform a simple online search or ask people you know for recommendations. Look for a credit union that has branches located in convenient locations, such as near your home or workplace.

2. Learn about their requirements. You must meet the eligibility requirements of a credit union if you want to join as a member. Although many credit unions base eligibility purely on geographic location (so they will accept anyone who lives, works, or attends school in their area), other credit unions have more specific requirements. For example, some large employers have their own credit unions, as do churches, schools, unions, homeowners' associations, etc., and these credit unions will only accept people who belong to their organization. In addition, note that most credit unions will allow their members' family to join as well. 

3. Research their services. Not all credit unions are created equal! Now that you know which local credit unions you are eligible to join, dig into their services and specifics. Do they offer online banking? Do they have loans with great terms and interest rates? How is their customer service? Be sure to find a credit union with the services and products you need. Additionally, you might want to call or e-mail the credit union to get more information about the credit union and its joining process.

4. Stop by your preferred credit union. When you've decided which credit union is right for you, simply stop by one of their branches. A customer service representative should be happy to help you join the credit union and open your new account. During the sign-up process, you will need to fill out forms that will ask for your name, basic contact information, Social Security number, employment information, joint owner (or trustee) information, and more. Finally, you will likely need to have proof of eligibility.  

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