Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Since our inception in 1929, BluCurrent has served as a beacon of forward momentum for both our members and the community. Reflecting this unwavering commitment, we are excited to announce that today, we will be launching a refreshed brand identity.

You can expect the same unmatched service and familiar friendly faces, all presented with a fresh, new look.


Our New Logo


Our new logo is a visual journey, symbolizing our legacy as an organization and our ongoing commitment towards forward progress.

The leftmost piece of our new logo echoes the contours of an open envelope, paying homage to our roots as a local postal service. Simultaneously, the right piece boldly signifies our dedication to propelling the lives, families, and businesses of our members forward.

Description of new logo meaning.


Our Mission

In alignment with our new visual identity, we also refined our verbal mission statement to more accurately mirror our refreshed positioning.

"BluCurrent aims to simplify the complexities of banking to keep you moving forward. Founded in 1929, we're built on the belief that money matters, but people matter more.

We work with individuals both young and old, experienced, and new to the game, confident and a little unsure. Whether you're opening a checking account, buying your first home, or getting ready to retire—it's all the same to us. Our focus is you, and our direction is forward."

Various mockups of the new logo.


In Action

Our updated brand allows us to tell our story better than ever before while also enabling us to connect with you in new, exciting ways. Here's a glimpse of how our brand might come to life.

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