Our History: Through Pam’s Eyes

Our History: Through Pam’s Eyes

Our Lending Support Manager, Pam, has been a part of Team BluCurrent since 1982. She is the longest standing staff member currently employed at the credit union. We sat down with her to learn what it has been like to go from a small office of seven to a staff of 70+.


Q: What was the environment like when you started working at the credit union?

When I started at the credit union, it was on Booneville St across from the main post office and at that time we were Postal & Federal Employees Credit Union. I came from a bank of 150 employees, so being in such a small office felt more like family.


Q: Over the years, what has changed? 

Technology is one of the biggest changes I have experienced. Personal computers were just starting to be introduced, and if you wanted to call someone, you went home or walked to your nearest phone booth!  We used a typewriter to type documents, and we did not have email, let alone Facebook!  We had just started checking accounts (they were called share draft accounts then) and we hadn’t offered credit cards to our members.


Q: How have you learned to adapt to changes over the years?

At first when we started to grow, I wasn’t sure of all the changes.  But then I saw the benefits to our members, as well as our employees. I have learned that change doesn’t always have to be negative and that we can still provide the same personalized service we were founded on. That has always been my goal to strive to keep that tradition going with whatever branch, or position that I have had through the years.  


Q: What is your favorite part about working at BluCurrent?

Anyone that knows me, knows my love for my members. So many of those members have become like family. I love it when members come in and ask to see me and update me on their lives and family.  I love it when I get a note from a member and they are my age or older and have gone skydiving for the first time.  I have laughed with members and cried with them as we share our heartaches of losing a loved one.


Q: Do you have any favorite memories you’d like to share?

I still remember the joy that I had when I helped members get their first home loan and start their families in their new home.  Or when someone had gone through a divorce and had no hope, and I helped them get in a home. To see the joy they had when they felt no one had faith in them, but we did, is something that is hard to explain.


Q: What are you most proud of?

I am happy that one thing has remained the same in my 37+ years of working at the credit union; we still provide the same “personal touch” and service that members deserve. I am proud to work with co-workers that understand our philosophy of building better lives together and know they will continue to carry that on for the next 90+ years.


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