Staff Spotlight: Meet Kyle

Staff Spotlight: Meet Kyle

At BluCurrent, we believe our most valuable asset is our staff. After all, they take such great care of our members. From the tellers all the way up to our President, each member of Team BluCurrent plays a key role in making the credit union run smoothly. Our staff has many great characteristics (both at work and outside of work) and we’d like to share those great things with you! We hope you enjoy getting to know our Business Services Director, Kyle.  


Q: When did you start working at BluCurrent?

A: April 2010


Q: What positions have you held at BluCurrent?

A: I started as a Member Service Representative and then moved into management as a trainer. I held the training position for about 6 ½ years. From there, I moved into the Business Services Department as a Director.


Q: What does your typical day look like?

A: In our department, we take walk-ins from members who want to open a business account or simply ask questions about our business services and products. You can catch me running all kinds of reports that help us see where we’re at as a department. Part of our role is going ‘door-to-door’ to businesses in the area and finding out how our products and services can help them.


Q: What would people never guess you do in your current role?

A: They may not guess that I collaborate with other departments to figure out how we can help each other. I’m a big believer in collaboration, which in the end, makes us all stronger and more knowledgeable.


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at BluCurrent?

A: My favorite thing is the people I have the privilege of working with and the members I get to serve.


Q: What did you do prior to working at BluCurrent?

A: Previously, I worked as a Financial Advisor and worked as a Youth Pastor for a church in Philadelphia, PA.


Q: If you could pick your dream job, what would it be?

A: As a kid, I wanted to be a Major League Baseball player, but I think I’m currently in my dream job. I get to help develop people and departments which is what I love to do. One day, I’d like to do that on a greater scale if I had to dream a bit more.


Q: Do you have any hidden talents?

A: I can grill a mean steak and can make anyone’s lawn look pristine.


Kyle is married to his beautiful wife who is a teacher. Together they have 3 kiddos. Some of Kyle’s favorites are: Color – Blue | Place to eat – Everyday Thai or Yoshi Jen | Hobby – Golf | Movie – Sandlot | Holiday – Christmas | Place to volunteer: His church | Place to vacation – Long Beach Island in New Jersey



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