Staff Spotlight: Meet Stephanie

Staff Spotlight: Meet Stephanie

At BluCurrent, we believe our most valuable asset is our staff. After all, they are who take such great care of our members. From the tellers on the front-line all the way up to our President, each member of Team BluCurrent plays a key role in making the credit union run smoothly. Our staff has so many great characteristics (both at work and outside of work) and we thought it would be fun to share those great things with you! We hope you enjoy getting to know Stephanie.   

Q: When did you start working at BluCurrent?
A: February 20, 2015

Q: What positions have you held at BluCurrent?
A: I worked as a teller until the end of June 2015, when I moved into the Support Services Department.  From there, I transitioned into the Loan Support Department as a Loan Officer in February of 2016.

Q: What would people never guess you do in your current role?
A: I work behind the scenes for nearly every single open loan to ensure that it was originated properly and compliantly, payments are applied correctly, payment coupons are generated properly, and lien releases are sent out properly—all to effectively close a loan from start to finish seamlessly.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at BluCurrent?
A: I love that everyone genuinely loves their job and who they work with. I do not dread going to work in the morning—apart from the actual waking up part. I am always learning new things so I feel refreshed and not dulled in my position.

Q: What did you do prior to working at BluCurrent?
A: I worked as a Patient Care Associate in the Inpatient Dialysis unit for two years then the Medical ICU for three and a half years. I left there to work at a Law Firm as a Legal Investigator, then came to BluCurrent.

Q: If you could pick your dream job, what would it be? 
A: My dream job would be anything that allows me to continue growing and learning in a remote setting. That way, I could work from anywhere in the world and could be with my baby during the day.

Q: Do you have any hidden talents? 
A: I can play the piano really well—I started playing when I was nine years old.

Stephanie is a proud wife and mom to her daughter, Charlotte, and two dachshunds, Luna Mae & Rosie Cotton. Some of Stephanie's favorites are: Color - Green | Food - Steak | Hobby - Organizing and spending time with my family | Movie - Harry Potter or Star Trek | Song - "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley | Charity - Convoy of Hope | Holiday - Christmas | Place to volunteer - Church | Place in Springfield - Barnes & Noble | Place to vacation - Disney World

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