Stay in Control with eAlerts

Stay in Control with eAlerts

Are you looking for an easy way to monitor your account? Reduce the stress and safely stay in-the-know with eAlerts.


What are eAlerts?

eAlerts notify you via email or text about various events on your account.


Why should I set up eAlerts?

eAlerts allow you to stay informed of transactions that happen on your account. Customize your notifications to alert you of transactions that are important to you, such as an incoming deposit or an upcoming loan due date.


How do I set up eAlerts?

Step 1:  Log in to online banking. 

Step 2: Once logged in, click the ellipsis or "more" dropdown menu and select Manage Alerts

Step 3: Select your preferred alert type & delivery method.


What are other benefits of eAlerts?

eAlerts have even bigger benefits than keeping you informed:

  • They can assist in minimizing the impact of fraud on your account; when you are notified of a transaction you are not expecting you can proactively secure your account to prevent further damage.
  • Alerts such as a low minimum balance can reduce the chance of overdrawing your account.
  • Other security measures to protect your account can be set up such as invalid login, ID change, successful login and password change.


Here’s to peace of mind knowing you are in control (and in-the-know) of your account! If you need assistance getting set up with eAlerts, contact us and a friendly member service representative will be happy to help. If you need help getting logged into online banking, learn more about online banking setup or how to reset your password.

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