Teach Good Financial Habits

Teach Good Financial Habits

Like every parent, you want to give your children the best start in life. You teach them important health and safety habits. You encourage them to do their best in school. You teach the importance of kindness towards others. But what's the best way to teach them about money? Where do you start? That's where a savings account for kids can help. Let's take a look at some of the short- and long-term benefits of establishing an account early on, and how to help your child sign up.

What Are the Benefits of Savings Accounts for Children?

A savings account gives children an opportunity to learn about money from an early age. It's a great hands-on teaching tool for kids of all socioeconomic backgrounds:

  • It helps children understand how banking works

  • It's an easy way to save allowance or gift money

  • They can practice how to make deposits and withdrawals

  • Balancing a monthly statement, either online or on paper, can help a child practice important math skills


Many studies show that starting financial education and savings early in life can positively impact a child's socio-emotional development and financial capabilities. Compared to their peers, children with savings accounts enjoy a number of positive outcomes:


  • More financially literate

  • More likely to accrue assets

  • More likely to go to college

  • More likely to invest in stocks as adults


Perhaps the best news of all is that it doesn't take much to start your child on a path to greater financial knowledge and security. According to Dr. William Elliott III, Associate Professor at the University of Kansas-Lawrence, even children from low- and middle-income families are more likely to attend college if they have a modest savings account.

How Do You Open a Savings Account for a Child?

Many banks and credit unions offer special accounts to help your children begin learning good financial habits.


For example, a BluCurrent Kids Club is a free savings account that comes with many special features for young savers 11 and under:


  • A minimum balance of just $5

  • It earns a standard member savings rate once the balance goes over $100

  • Members get a notification of further account options upon turning 12


BluCurrent Kids Club members also get access to other fun perks:


  • Special prizes

  • Exclusive event invitations

  • Birthday cards

  • Newsletters


Would you like help in teaching your child about money? Do you have questions about opening a savings account for a child?


Contact us at any time. We're excited to help your child establish good habits that will help him or her enjoy a lifetime of financial success.


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