Unauthorized Charges

Unauthorized Charges

Find an unauthorized charge on your account? Here's the 5 step process to follow:

Make sure the transaction is truly unauthorized. As busy as life gets, it's easy to forget purchases here and there. Contact the merchant directly, you can easily locate contact information through a Google Search. If you have other authorized users on the account, make sure you ask if they made the purchase.

2) If you find that the transaction is unauthorized, call your financial institution (FI) and have your card shut down immediately. This ensures no additional fraudulent transactions come through. Your FI will issue you a new card.

3) Your financial institution will open a case and investigate the fraudulent activity.

4) Within a short timeframe, a credit will be posted to your account. If you bank with us, this may take up to 10 days from the time your case is created.

5) Keep your eyes and ears open for additional communication on your case. If you've filed a case with us, you'll receive further communication through the mail. 

If you think you have an unauthorized transaction on your BluCurrent Account, contact our Support Services Department directly by giving us a call @ 417-887-1983 x475 or emailing fraud@blucurrent.org

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