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Random Acts of BluCurrent

We've been building better lives together since 1929.

David's Bridal

We surprised one lucky bride by paying off the remaining balance on her wedding dress. Thanks to the team at David's Bridal for helping us pull off the surprise.

Kona Ice & Lucky's Market

Kona Ice & Lucky's Market

We treated shoppers at Lucky's Market to free Kona Ice on a hot summer day.

Haute Tot

Staff members surprised Haute Tot Upscale Kids Resale shoppers with free gift cards. #blubonus #randomactsofblucurrent

Dancing Mule Coffee

We treated over 20 guests to coffee and breakfast. The team was such a blast to work with and we had so much fun!


It was so much fun surprising the staff with cupcakes and learn more about all the great things they're doing in the community.

Architect Coffee

Coffee is so much better when it is made by friendly baristas! Next time you need your caffeine fix, be sure to stop by and see this awesome team!

Manly Cans

If you need a gift for a man in your life they’ve got you covered! The best part? You’re supporting local!

Edible Arrangements

You can never have too much sugar, right? We thought the staff might want to enjoy some cupcakes and take a break from fruit and chocolate for a day.

Luxe Salon

This group was hard at work! Such a beautiful space. They loved their afternoon treat!

Uptown Boutique

Trendy, adorable clothes and exceptional service! We dropped in with a treat for the staff. Thanks for being so friendly and so much fun!

Palen Music Center

We thought the staff could take a break from lessons to enjoy some cupcakes. We enjoyed getting to look around at all the fun things in the store!

Ann's Performing Arts

How cool is it that we have the National Studio of the Year for 2017 right here in our neighborhood?!

White Smiles

This crew was so much fun! They loved their cupcakes. It's a good thing they know how to brush appropriately! 😉

Joplimo Mattress

We dropped some delicious cupcakes by for the staff. They loved learning more about BluCurrent and brainstorming ways to give back to the community.


Wow, Blackwells carries amazing clothing! We wanted to stay & shop after dropping off some orange & green cupcakes. #blubonus

Current Studio & Orange Theory Fitness

Current Studio & Orangetheory Fitness

Thanks to Orangetheory Fitness Springfield - East and Current Studio Salon for being so welcoming. We hope you enjoyed your cupcakes!


We can't wait to be neighbors with Petsway. Our fur babies will be extra spoiled. So nice meeting you!

Rally House

#BluCrew + Boomer the Bear + Rally House. Great combo! Thanks for welcoming us to your neighborhood. :) #blucrew

Pineapple Whip

We provided free Pineapple Whip to over 700 people in the community.

City of Springfield Fire

The crew at Fire Station #10 enjoyed lunch from City Butcher and Andy's Frozen Custard for dessert.

Cheddar's Made From Scratch Kitchen

We surprised 10 families by paying a part of their lunch bill.

Springfield Conservation Nature Center

We stopped by to say hi & brought everyone's favorite frozen custard along for the staff members. #blubonus


Stop by Jellybeans to get the perfect gift for your kiddos. We popped in to congratulate them on their new location and gifted the staff frozen custard.

Firehouse Pottery

We stopped by with NoBaked cookie dough in tow for the staff & customers. We loved sharing more info on credit unions with their team!

Glenstone Construction

The workers at our construction site enjoying tea & lemonade on a hot day.

Grooms Office Environments

We surprised our friends at Grooms with delicious cookies.

Wilkinson Dental & Associates

We surprised our soon-to-be neighbors with delicious cookies.