Direct Deposit

With just a simple three-step setup, you'll start getting your money automatically. No trip to the branch required.


  • It's convenient. Your money is deposited automatically into your account, even when you are too busy to get to the bank. Save yourself a trip.
  • It's fast. You have same–day access to your money on the day of deposit.
  • It's safe. Never worry about checks getting lost, delayed, or stolen. No more misplacing paper checks.

Direct Deposit has never been easier to set-up. Download & complete our 3-Step Setup Form. Review the steps below for additional tips.

How To Setup Direct Deposit

  • Step 1
    You'll need to provide your account type (ex: checking or savings), your account number & routing number. BluCurrent's routing number is: 286582805. You can find both the routing and account number on the bottom of your check. Don't have checks? Login to Online Banking, click Services and then Direct Deposit Information. You can also stop by a branch or give us a call at (417) 887-1983 to get your account number.
  • Step 2

    Make sure your employer offers direct deposit. You'll likely have to fill out a direct deposit form using the info you gathered in Step 1. Some employers require a voided check. If you don't use checks, we can print off counter checks for you at any branch.

  • Step 3

    Ask your employer how long it takes for your direct deposit to go into effect. Login to Online Banking on payday to make sure everything went smoothly. You should see money in your account!